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Providing structural engineering design and inspection services to industrial, commercial and residential clients for over 30 years.

 Fire Damage Evaluations

 Foundation Settlement

 Settlement of Load Bearing Structures

 Framing Inspections

 FHA Foundation Inspections

 Integrity of Insect Infested Wood

 Concrete Wall and Slab Crack Evaluation

 Structural Damage Evaluations

 Structural Integrity of Older Buildings

McElhenny Engineering, Inc. provides structural engineering inspections and structural integrity evaluations for structures of all materials and ages. We provide economical and expert solutions to common and uncommon structural problems.


 Steel, Concrete, Wood and Cold Formed Steel Design

 Building Structural Design

 Footing and Foundation Design

 Specialty Foundation Design

 Structural Framing Design for Floors, Walls, and Roofs

 Concrete Slab Design

 Retaining Wall Design

 Sign Foundation Design

 Earthquake Design

 Remodeling and Rennovation Design

McElhenny Engineering, Inc. provides engineering design for structures of all materials. We provide expert and economical solutions to structural design.


Sanitary / Wastewater
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